Our team

Our team

Jacques Mouchet

Jacques Mouchet, founder of Sun Ice Energy is a serial inventor, with more than 50 patents directly or indirectly to his credit. He is also the President and Founder of ATEQ, a global enterprise operating in over 40 countries serving 5,000 businesses worldwide. From revolutionizing the leak and flow testing market currently being used by hundreds of blue-chip companies like Airbus GM, Canon and thousands of other top level world leading companies. He is the inventor of the world’s first solar cooled ice-skating rink and many new applications based around Phase Changed Materials. There are no bounds to Mouchet’s creativity and technical ability.  Passionate about sustainability, Mouchet bought into the first generation of EV cars even at the cost of inconvenience with the absence of charging stations, he has always been searching for a way to lessen our impact on the planet we live in.

Cong Yue
Founding member

Cong Yue, founding member of Sun Ice Energy is also general manager of ATEQ’s parent company in China. Fluent in English, Chinese and French, Yue operates seamlessly across the world and is the brain child behind the Group’s operations in China. With a background in systems and processes, Yue is the backbone of the company’s global operations.

Laurent Gerard

Laurent Gerard is the CFO of Sun Ice Energy, and of its parent company Ateq.  Based in France, Laurent managing the international operations of the Group. Laurent leads everything from corporate finance to mergers and acquisitions. In addition to his CFO role, Laurent represents and is the spokesperson for the company globally.

Michael Saddler

Michael Saddler heads Sun Ice’s global sales team.  Born and raised in New Zealand, Michael spent most of his working life living and operating in various countries around Asia including Japan, Singapore and Malaysia and speaks several of these local languages.  Michael brings with him over 20 years of experience in finance and sales operations in both large American multinationals and startup companies.  Michael has an excellent disposition for customer relations and shares a passion for sustainability and for safekeeping the world of our future generations.

Gina Sim
Advisor, Partnerships Singapore

Gina has been long associated with big projects and big ideas. Her approach exudes soothing confidence and simple integrity. A creative and an adventurer, Gina has over 15 years of international Brand, Creative and Innovation Communication in US, Singapore and China. A true-blue Singaporean, Gina has gathered more than 10 years of pioneering innovation experience in the region.