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Matching solar renewable energy with efficient phase change cooling

The average sun exposure in Singapore is 4 hours per day. On an average day, 3000m2 of panels can capture 3MWh -10MWh. On a clear, sunny day, this can go up to 20MWh.
Our integrated technology will capture this energy from daylight and store it in the ground to maintain the desired latent temperature of the PCM material in a sub-layer below the “top layer”. In addition, a full charge of “latent” cold from a 10 cm thick layer of PCM can keep the system cool for 2-3 days without sunlight.
If excess electricity is produced, it can be sold back to the grid. We design the PCM container to help channel and store waste heat. The integration of the cooling tube network allows the temperature of the ice sheet to be “adjusted” to achieve the appropriate cooling effect.


Typically, a transition will be from one of the first two fundamental states of matter (solid and liquid) to the other. Phase transitions can also be between non -classical states of matter, such as crystalline uniformity, where a material goes from conforming to one crystal structure to another, which can be higher or lower energy states.
The heat of fusion is generally much higher than the sensible heat. For example, ice requires 333.55 J/g to melt, but water goes up an additional degree with only 4.18 J/g added. Thus, water/ice is a very useful phase change material.
By melting and solidifying at the phase transition temperature (PCT), PCM is able to store and release large amounts of energy relative to sensible heat storage. Heat is absorbed or released when a material changes from a solid to a liquid or when the internal structure of the material changes. The PCM stores thermal energy for more than 50 years at 20 times less cost than batteries and without danger.

Patented technology

Suitable applications include human comfort temperature controlled spaces and buildings

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Heat Exchange Cooling

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Benefits of our solution

Our solution has numerous benefits such as :

Reduce industrial carbon emission

Induce efficiency in the utility & operational cost

Also a greener way
to keep cool