Exceptional ROI

  • Solar powered cooling 24/7 @ net zero cost
  • Excess solar can be redeployed or sold to grid as a new income source
  • Reduces need for diesel/ alternative power source
  • 20x cheaper than other storage mediums based its lifespan
  • 50-year life expectancy of PCM cooling material
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance of equipment

Reduce green house emissions

  • Reduces drastically diesel generators time and their associated green house gases
  • Nontoxic, recyclable and safe in terms of flammability

Risk mitigation

  • Ability to backup your critical environments
  • Mains/generator integrated for inclement weather

Our Technology centers around PCM

Phase change Material


The Process

Additional features: Built in Humidity and air circulation

Sensors regulate the Room Humidity (RH level) and automatically adjusts to desired setting

Used to either increase or decrease humidity

Moisture captured from reducing humidity can be recycled and reused.

Air is automatically circulated from the floor to the ceiling