Airport Terminals

With newer development airports, the AC system combining radiant floor and displacement ventilation could save approx. 30% of the AC electricity consumption airport terminal.

Air-conditioning (AC) systems aim to guarantee the normal operation.
The average annual electricity consumption, in which 30–60% was consumed by AC systems.
Predictability to adjust cooling capacity over a wide range to cope with situation of high and low load rates.

Install PCM to direct the excess solar energy to maintain the comfortable temperatures.
Reduce energy consumption and improve the overall change in the comfort standards and demands for cooling the whole airport terminal.

Our PCM material is non-toxic, It is safe with respect to flammability
High energy density and low cost. stored 100 btu’s per square foot.
With a roof surface of 1000 m2 will save an average of 1000 KWh per day
With 10 000 m2 it is 3Gwh per year of savings.
Yielding a short payback under 3-5 years considering energy and facilities saving.