Benefits of our solution

Our solution has numerous benefits such as :

Reduce industrial carbon emission

Induce efficiency in the utility & operational cost

Also a greener way
to keep cool

Airport Terminals an Other large volume spaces requiring 24 hours comfort cooling

With newer development airports, the AC system combining radiant floor and displacement ventilation could save approx. 30% of the AC electricity consumption airport terminal.

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Data Centers high energy cooling intensity

As data centers increase in size and computational capacity, their growth comes at a cost: an increasing thermal load that must be removed to prevent overheating.

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Cold Rooms and Ice Rinks

Utilities is the highest cost of operating a cold facility. Trying to build an ice arena on a low budget without, quality refrigeration is a bad financial decision.

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Factory and warehouse efficient climate control

Some factories and warehouses have specific requirements for climate and ventilation control for both workers and product manufacturing/storage.

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Patented technology

Suitable applications include human comfort temperature controlled spaces and buildings

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2 Channel Cooling

4 Channel Cooling

Heat Exchange Cooling

4 Channel Enhanced Heat